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About SOL

About SOL

SOL, Solution Of Lighting, provide all LED lighting solution with exclusive technologies and competitive price, professional at customized led light engine developing and production. we will be your good partner of lighting and lighting solution.

What is AC LED light engine


For providing the better service and products, SOL developed new company and brand at 2018, named LUXCOB.
Powered by SOL, LUXCOB will focus on the design and production of best led light engine for different fields. Such as horticulture, machinery equipment, household appliances, and more special luminaires.

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Free Design
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Service & Support
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Light Engine development Process
We can do the development of sample in 1 WEEK.
Nowadadys,LED can be found everywhere, they enrich our daily life in many ways. If You have an idea , we will support you in turning it into a solution.
Whether customized or standard light you want, SOL have the right solution for either need. Pls contact us or leave your message, let us know your idea and realize it together!
FAST, You can get the feedback of your lighting idea in 1 DAY, We will finish the mock-up sample of led light engine in 1WEEK. That will speed up your developing and keep you ahead of the competition.
TEST, Our labs will not only design the light engines, but also to test it and your luminaires, to support you applying the certification with all data needed. Also we can get certifications here for you. With all high standard quality products, market is closer to you.
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Customizable full spectrum led grow light module improve the quality of your horticulture luminaires
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UP to 190LM/W LED DC module make your lumenaire more competitve
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AC direct module make your lighting design more flexible
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Varirty of high quality led components make led lighting solution simple and reliable
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Right accessories improve the quality of your lighting and work efficiency
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Varirty of LED Driver make your design of lighting and retrofit work high performance
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